Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Rule of Life

Why a Rule of Life? This was our prayerful response to months of work in which we decided how we intended to live our life together as a community working with God to transform the world. The original Rule was a little different - for instance, there was more of a focus on worldly things than on God - but as we have moved on in our journey as a community formed and transformed through our faith in God, our Rule has also changed.

St. Stephen's Rule of Life

We commit ourselves to be involved in all aspects of church life:
Pastoral Care

We commit ourselves to encourage each other to use our spiritual gifts. We commit ourselves to create an environment where groups and individuals are invited to explore and define their spirituality by asking, listening, and learning from each other and from God. We commit ourselves to the stability, growth and transformation of St. Stephen's by working together and by our commitment to God.

At a recent Ministry Support Team meeting, we said our Rule of Life together as an opening prayer. We then shared our reports - our ministries are very busy indeed! The plans stretch over the summer and into next Easter, and there is joy and enthusiasm. As we closed the meeting, it became obvious that we are truly involved in all aspects of ministry at St. Stephen's.

Amen. Alleluia!

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