Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kay's blessing for Holy Humor Sunday (2nd Sunday of Easter 2012)

My friends, our God has a sense of humor.
Our God sent a child to Abraham and Sarah when they were nearly 100 years old.  They named the child Isaac, which means in their language, "He will laugh."
Our God led the people from slavery into freedom through the waters, and God was there with Miriam on the other side as she danced with joy.
Our God created us:  male and female, in God's image.  Short, tall, thin, fat, all shades of color and all ways of being:  God created us and loves us.
Our God created the platypus and giraffe, the California condor and the hummingbird.

Our God has a sense of humor.

Our God came to earth and lived with us.
 Our God lived with us, and died with us, and lives with us again. 
Our God played the biggest joke of all on death on that first Easter Day.

Our God has a sense of humor.

Our God whistles with songbirds and sings with whales.  
Our God is heard in cymbal and tambourine and didgeridoo, and in our human voices as we sing praises.
Our God sends us out to do the work we have been given to do, to reconcile the world to God in the name of Jesus.

And the blessing of our God, Creator, Redeemer, and Giver of Life, our God with a sense of humor, be with you and remain with you always.