Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's Date

Today's date is 3-6-9.

(Everyone at work looked at me strangely when I announced that - just like you are looking at me!)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Way of the Cross

Last weekend I met Sister Claire Joy of the Community of the Holy Spirit at the Quiet Day at St. Mark's in Casper. As part of our quiet time, we walked the Way of the Cross. We used text written by Deacon J - Joanna Depue, and art by Sister Claire Joy. I thought the materials were fabulous - combine non-representational art with "eye witness" reports of the crucifixion - what an experience. I asked for (and got permission) to use their materials for an EfM online group, and then to share the results with you.

To walk with us, click on each link below. Then click on the arrow in the audio player to hear some folks from St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Casper, Wyoming as they walk The Way of the Cross.

Opening Devotions

First Station

Second Station

Third Station

Fourth Station

Fifth Station

Sixth Station

Seventh Station

Eighth Station

Ninth Station:

Tenth Station:

Eleventh Station:

Twelfth Station

Thirteenth Station

Fourteenth Station